First Home Buyers & Home Loans 2



We have the expertise to navigate you through this journey towards your home ownership.

Home sweet home.

This is one of your biggest investment decisions. A serious one. The challenges are many from dealing with real estate agents, solicitor’s and financial service providers.

Whether you are looking to purchase an existing home or a brand- new home or against plans. Talk to us. With a wide selection of lenders on our panel we will find a solution for you.

Book an obligation free 15-minute phone consultation with Sunil to see if you are ready to apply.

Book an obligation-free 15-minute phone consultation with Sunil to see if you are ready to apply.

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Please read this as a guide to assist you get into your dream home.

1) To purchase your first home, you need a deposit which may come from the following:

  • Your savings
  • Your Kiwi saver contributions – If you have been contributing minimum 3% of your salary for minimum 3 years. For full details visit the link below on housing subsidy
  • First home buyer subsidy / first home grant
  • Gift from parents / family members

Other factors you need to be aware of:

2) Ensure you avoid short term debts such as credit cards, hire purchase and overdrafts. If you are over 80% borrower, banks prefer no short-term debts.

3) Maintain good account conduct avoiding account excess or dishonours. Pay your bills on time. This helps maintain a clear credit file.

4) Avoid large expenses such as upgrading cars or purchasing expensive furniture

5) Manage your expenses wisely as banks require you to disclose your living expenses. Regular eat outs can add up really fast.

6) Avoid changing jobs unless you are getting a pay rise. Banks don’t like contracts with probation clauses especially for over 80% borrowings.

7) Try and save on a regular basis. This helps demonstrate your ability and willingness to save.

When you start thinking about buying your first home, you dream about being settled in.

Yet you can’t stress enough with all the complex processes you have to go through. There we can assist where we can provide you with the guidance and insight into alleviating this trouble.

See we believe in the utmost importance of having a good support team and that’s why with Sunil’s approach, you’re guided in a manner to which he understands exactly what is been asked of you and will gladly walk you through it.